Google Files Go launches on Android as lightweight toolkit

Google Files Go launches on Android as lightweight toolkit

Google Files Go launches on Android as lightweight toolkit

While file management is Files Go's focus, the app also includes other useful tools, like those that help users recover space by cleaning up unnecessary clutter, as well as a file transfer utility that works offline using Bluetooth.

Fast-forward a few days, however, and Files Go is once again available to download directly through Google Play. You can't, for example, access the device's root folder or even copy and paste files.

Your friend will have to hit "receive" in their Files Go app if you are sending them a file.

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Files Go is a free download here on Google Play.

I am not sure how it flags those files for removal, as there is no information about this mentioned in the app. The sender needs to then manually select the user, while the recipient can tap connect/decline on their screen. And it does it all with Google's card-based user interface. It recommends apps that aren't used often for removal, helps get rid of "spam and duplicate images" and helps users find everything on their phones by file type. However, if you go back to the Files tab you can use the Send option, which starts a hotspot, to share content with a nearby Android user. Hopefully Google fleshes out the app with more functionality before a final release, but in the meantime, you can give the beta a go at the source link below. This feature is really handy if you have or want a file that is too big to share via email, such as a video file. Once it's installed, you will be shown a bunch of terms and conditions (Trusted Tester Agreement) that ask you to promise you won't blame Google if your phone falls apart. If you find yourself constantly worrying about storage space, Files Go might be the ideal solution for you. The app appears to be developed under Google's Next Billion Users team, but it would likely also find traction in the rest of the world.

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