Catalan independence: Sacked leader Puigdemont not seeking asylum

Catalan independence: Sacked leader Puigdemont not seeking asylum

Catalan independence: Sacked leader Puigdemont not seeking asylum

While tensions between Catalonia and Spain reached a critical level following the unilateral declaration of independence by the authorities in Barcelona and the subsequent interference of Madrid, Sputnik discussed the issue with Beatriz Hernández, research fellow at the University of Diego Portales in Chile.

The vote, which was boycotted by opposition lawmakers, passed 70 votes to 10 in the 135-seat Catalan parliament Friday.

The Spanish government in Madrid has cracked down hard on Puigdemont's attempt to take Catalonia, a wealthy region of some 7.5 million people that accounts for about one-fifth of the national GDP, out of Spain. "Rajoy broke the pro-independence camp's strategy, and now they are forced to pick candidates and rebuild a narrative in a short period of time - just as the pro-constitution camp is more mobilized than ever before".

Spain's federal government nullified the declaration and called new elections on December 21.

Catalonia's deposed separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, facing possible prosecution for rebellion in Spain, appeared in Brussels on Tuesday saying he planned to stay in Belgium but denying rumours he would try to seek asylum.

The rebellion, sedition and embezzlement charges carry maximum sentences of 30, 15 and six years in prison, respectively. "I'm here to act with freedom and safety", Puigdemont said, adding he decided to leave so he would not subject his compatriots to a violent crackdown from Spain.

Separately, the statistics agency INE said that Spanish inflation slowed fractionally to 1.7% in October from 1.8% in September, as a result of a dip in fuel prices.

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The Belgian leader was at pains to stress that his government had "not undertaken any step to encourage Mr Puigdemont's arrival on Belgian soil".

The article, known as the "nuclear option", gives Madrid power to remove all members of Catalonia's government and hold snap elections to replace parliament members. The country has 17 autonomous regions, including Catalonia, but the constitution says Spain is "indivisible".

"I can affirm Carles Puigdemont has appointed me as his legal representative, as he is currently in Belgium", the lawyer told Reuters in a phone conversation.

Instead of renouncing their hope for independence, the Catalan regional parliament declared it would secede. There had been speculation that it might boycott the vote.

But he stepped back from the brink, or in the eyes of the independence movement, lost his nerve.

Now government workers are among those left wondering about their future.

But his supporters were not the only ones to head the call. Hundreds of thousands of unionist demonstrators flooded the streets of Barcelona as rebel leaders stayed home.

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