Wonder Woman and Batman added in 'The Flash' solo movie

Wonder Woman and Batman added in 'The Flash' solo movie

Wonder Woman and Batman added in 'The Flash' solo movie

While Wonder Woman is the highest-earning stateside film, DC Extended Universe movie by far (Man of Steel's raked in $330.2 million, while Suicide Squad ended with a local total of around $324.1 million).

Rather than let the crimson speedster hog the celluloid spotlight, producers of the upcoming "Flashpoint" - a feature based on DC hero, The Flash - plan to pack the movie with Barry Allen's superfriends. However, when time got altered, Barry was no longer the Flash, which created an alternate reality for his Justice League pals. The date of release is yet to be announced. The studio will likely keep mum on the issue until Justice League debuts in order to ensure the flick lives up to expectations. After all, TV's original and quintessential Wonder Woman has said in an interview with USA Today that she is willing to be a part of the sequel if she is offered a decent role. The movie already surpassed the $300 million mark at the end of June, the movie, yet continued to do well at the box office in North America all through the month of July and early August to reach its latest landmark.

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The Flashpoint film is reportedly to be released in 2020, only three years after we were introduced to our favorite lady hero. This could be due to salary negotiations or perhaps the idea of using a new director to bring new creative angles into the sequel. Wonder Woman is pretty brutal in the story, so it would be interesting to see that adapted for the big screen. But it's not just that Wonder Woman is fast becoming DC's hottest property thanks to her mega-hit of a movie. It seems like the DCEU will be forced to shift its movie slate down to ensure each film is up to snuff. It will be pushing the cinematic universe towards more success than it already has. She was supposed to unite her people with Aquaman and Atlantis, but her mother Hippolyta was killed during the treaty. Per the Hollywood Reporter, he described the story as "about how giant conglomerates are eating the world and how we are all puppets underneath them - maybe that's what [Warner Bros.] didn't like about it".

"Wonder Woman" was a superhero movie that was so good and was definitely unlike any other superhero movie that anyone has ever seen before.

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